Bike route: P10 Leysin - Berneuse - Sepey

Difficulty level

Physical difficulty 70%
Technical difficulty 70%

This course is close to the P1 but misses the descent to Eagle, relatively tricky in places. It retains all the spectacular beauty of the view from the Berneuse, as well as its descent that puts your eyes full by diving in front of a breathtaking landscape.

As with the P1, you can obviously remove the circuit by the Berneuse by going straight down to Leysin who arrived close to the Témeley. In this configuration, the route becomes much easier.

On the other hand, and always as for the P1, the most daring, mounted at the Berneuse, can choose to reach Prafendaz directly by the path descending on the west side (Leman side) of the Crest of The Cherous. It is then necessary to fork right at the Luissel pass. This variant is really reserved for experienced pilots.

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